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"Janet helped us understand our blindspots in negotiations in a playful way. I will be using the methods she shared in my salary negotiation next week."

– Camila Jameson, workshop participant

Speaker, podcast, and workshop topics

Below you can find the most popular topics. If you want custom workshop or have a suggestion for something more creative, Janet will be all ears.

Relationships as your bottom line

Most of us operate under the false belief that negotiations are all about the deal and the exchange of money. That is not true, those elements are just an expression of what the negotiation is truly about: your future relationship with your counterpart. If  you keep this in mind you will transform your future negotiations to your advantage. 


  • How perceived hierarchy impacts your negotiations
  • Learn how dating, being exclusive, or wanting a poly relationship effects how your negotiate (and yes, we are talking about business, not romance)
  • An overview of the negotiation relationship matrix
  • How to leverage the future relationship with your counterpart for a better outcome

Negotiating without having the upper hand

Women and other marginalized groups spend most of their time negotiating with someone who has more power, socially, economically, and politically, then them. As a women of color this has also been my reality. In this workshop/talk I share my best methods for leaving the power (in-)balance out of the negotiation equation.  


  • How to shift negotiations from competition to collaboration
  • How to take on the role of facilitator to gain more control of the process
  • How to ask questions and say no without seeming antagonistic
  • How to use the negotiation as a tool for leveling the playing field going forward

Negotiating on your terms

Our framework takes you from stressed out, guessing, and getting less than you deserve, to negotiating with ease and confidence. The framework is centered around three pillars: Contemplate, Construct, Command. With the framework in your toolkit you are bound to start increasing the value of your deals.


  • How preparation is the key to a successful outcome
  • How to understand the motivations behind the negotiation
  • Learn how to only negotiation with the real decision makers
  • What to ask for beyond money as a part of your deal making

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