The Negotiation Playbook Program

You are 6 weeks away from making negotiations one of your strengths and start reaping the benefits of the positive impact on your bottom line.

We help you develop a custom, interactive negotiation playbook that established your own strategies and best practices so that you can make better deals, forge stronger relationships, and exceed your goals.


To transform your relationship with negotiations

You have dreams and missions to achieve, we make sure that negotiations are not an obstacle in your path – but a tool that helps you get there faster and better.


Developing your custom negotiation playbook

We start by understanding the values and priorities that drive you and your business. Based on your parameters we start setting up your playbook with systems for preparing for a negotiation, checklists for reaching agreements, tools for making bargaining effortless, and processes for finalizing and executing your deals.

Once your playbook is complete we support you in putting it into practice during a three month period. We will work through your questions and troubleshoot your negotiations. 

After our program you will get 12 months of access to our negotiation clinics and expert AMAs held exclusively for your clients.

If I'd a playbook like this when I started my business I can only imagine how much closer I would be to my goals now! I'm so grateful for all the effort Janet put in to making sure that we developed strategies that would work for me both as a person and as the CEO of my business. This has been such a reminder to respect myself during the process of negotiation!

– Linda R.

A negotiation playbook that fits your business like a custom made suit

We develop tailored negotiation strategies, best practices, processes, and bottom lines that support you and business in reaching your goals while staying true to your values.

  • Your custom negotiation framework
  • Standardized priorities and processes
  • Best practice capture
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