A letter to you.

The anxious negotiator

The person who feels sweaty at the thought of negotiations. The one who feels awkward saying no. Who doesn't know how to start a negotiation. The person who is flustered by all the scope creep. You who always forget to represent yourself when you negotiate.

Men in power have been dictating the game of negotiation forever

Forever ends today

Stop trying to assert yourself, crush your opponent, and end up giving more than you get.

Aim for something better, something you value more: long term relationships,  respected boundaries, and more money in your pocket.

The old way of negotiating left women and marginalized groups without leverage.

It is time you learn how to negotiate successfully  regardless of the power dynamics you are up against.

My name is Janet Alexandersson 

and I used to be you

I used to think that I was just not cut out to be a top notch negotiator, that I did not have the right personality for it.

Turns out there was nothing wrong with me and there is nothing wrong with you either.

The problem is the way we have been told to negotiate. We have been told to take charge, to be more aggressive in our asks, to not back down.

Sounds a lot like a competition doesn't it? But that is not what a negotiation is. It is, or at least should be, a conversation to reach an agreement. Simple as that.

You don't need a new personality

Just stop playing power games

What you need is a system that helps you step into any negotiation fully prepared with a plan for what to do and say next, no matter what curve balls come your way.

Are you tired of playing power games when you could be focusing on building relationships? Do you want to feel confident and at ease when you walk into your next negotiation?

Then it is time to start negotiating differently.

Come say hello

Let's create the boundaries you need to reach agreements on your terms

If you want to work together or collaborate on something send me an email at janet@onyourterms.cc.