Do you want to navigate your next negotiation confidently?

Stop anxiously playing someone else's game and start negotiating on your terms. 

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Make better and more profitable deals

In your dream scenario you feel confident negotiating deals that build important relationships, start favorable partnerships, land long term customers and clients, and bring onboard the best team members.


You feel like every negotiation is on their terms

Your wants and needs don't even enter the equation. You react to their initiatives and their way of negotiating instead of leading the way to a negotiation that benefits both you and them. 


You are undermining your business strategy

You have not coordinated the strategies and tactics you use when you negotiate with the overall values, goals, and strategies of your business. You don't have a negotiation compass.


Get a competitive advantage through negotiation

Negotiation is 90% process and 10% skill. You will gain an unfair advantage by focusing on the process of negotiation and empowering yourself with the right tools to reach better agreements.


Make your negotiations effortless and predictable

We boost your negotiation skills by creating a system for how you move through the process of negotiation. Our negotiation playbook aligns your business and negotiation strategies, so that you can make deals on your terms.


A playbook based on your own best practice

You get both a compass and a road map that take you all the way from zero to a well executed deal. With custom strategies and processes for how you best negotiate – we finally make negotiation one of your super powers.


20% more value from your agreements

Our clients consistently increase their average deal value with at least 20% in all areas of their buinesses. You will see real bottom line results, both when it comes to your revenue and your business relationships.

I’ve turned to Janet so many times to talk through different negotiations as they were happening—from establishing better terms with small business partnerships to large contracts with corporations. For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance.

– Monisha B.


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