Do you want to navigate your next negotiation confidently?

Stop anxiously playing someone else's game and start negotiating on your terms. 


Get a negotiation strategy designed for your desired results

Negotiation at its core is about establishing enough trust to come to an agreement. The trust is built upon:

  • Aligned interests
  • Mutual support
  • Fair value exchange

I will help you plan for an agreement conversation that naturally establishes you as a trustworthy partner while also allowing you to understand if your counterpart is worthy of the same trust.

Assert dominance?
→ Negotiate collaboratively

I will set you up with a personalized negotiation strategy that helps you focus on the relationship that you will have with your counterpart after the negotiation is done. Together we will make sure that you have what you need to deliver at your best, be supported in the process, and receive the best possible compensation for your efforts.

What types of negotiation can I help you with?

  • Employment packages
  • Contracting agreements
  • Investor terms
  • Service agreements
  • And much more

I’ve turned to Janet so many times to talk through different negotiations as they were happening—from establishing better terms with small business partnerships to large contracts with corporations. For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance.

– Monisha B.

Negotiation Strategy Session

Bring your most important, upcoming negotiation to your  strategy session and leave with a custom step by step action plan focused on maximizing the value exchange and building trust.

  •  60 minutes of one and one negotiation support to help you confidently and successfully negotiate your next agreement.

  • Setting you up with a negotiation strategy that builds mutual trust throughout the process.
  • Helping you optimize your agreement to maximize the value, both for you and your counterpart.

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