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Men in power have been dictating the game of negotiation forever

Forever ends today

Stop trying to assert yourself, crush your opponent, and end up giving more than you get.

Aim for something better, something you value more: long term relationships, win-win deals, respected boundaries, and higher deal values.

The old way of negotiating left women and marginalized groups without leverage. 

Let's set you up with a strategy that can be leveraged regardless of the power dynamics you are up against.


Negotiate without playing power games

We are taught to approach negotiations as adversarial interactions. But they're not.

What they are are two parties coming together to understand how they can best fit together.

You're both shaped differently. You both have different goals. You're not competing. You do not want the same thing.

Aggression and dominance will not be helpful. What you need to do is figure out what you really want and what the other party wants and how those things can be meshed together in the best possible way.

And to do that you need to be curious, focused, and open minded. You need to be willing to listen actively and to understand how you can make the relationship the best possible relationship for both of you.

Giving women a real seat at the table

Our mission is to empower discerning women business owners and executives with the framework, strategies, tools, and support they need to form dependable relationships, win-win collaborations, and increase their average deal value with at least 20% through negotiating with ease and confidence.

Go from failing at the old game

  • Never asking for the price you want
  • Always saying yes to your counterpart's demands
  • Lowering your price before being asked
  • Agreeing to lower than profitable prices
  • Not understanding your counterpart's true wishes
  • Not planning your negotiations
  • Not negotiating at all

To excelling at the new one

  • Always come prepared for a negotiation
  • Control the negotiation for everyones benefit
  • Establish lasting boundaries during your negotiation
  • Effectively ask for what you want
  • Give your counterpart what they really want
  • Correctly frame the price you want to reach an agreement
  • Bargain to get the best possible deal

Hi, I'm Janet!

Legal Behaviorist • Negotiation Expert

Traditional negotiation advice tells you to be aggressive and dominant. As a woman of color most of the time I have not had the power to initiate dominance and aggression against my counterparts and come out winning. Also, I never really wanted to play the adversarial game.

As a child, I used to be so shy that I never even raised my hand in class, despite always knowing the answers. Asking for what I wanted – forget about it.

When I started law school I learned that curiosity was my best weapon. The prime objective was to ask questions, investigate, and understand multiple perspectives. This also happens to be the foundation of negotiation.

At its core every good negotiation is a conversation.

As a practicing lawyer I have learned that the primary objective in any negotiation is the relationship it creates. My clients wanted to establish hierarchies, partnerships, and collaborations. Some with the eye on the long game and some wanting a quick win.

I saw that the ones caring about the long term relationships had the best outcomes. They established trust, truly understood the needs of their counterparts, defined sustainable boundaries, and made more profitable deals.

At its core business is also about relationships, with clients and customers, partners, employees and so many others. Through negotiation, you can improve those relationships with trust and reciprocity, and you can make the outcomes reliable and profitable. 

And we will show you how to do that just that, on your terms.


Our philosophy is simple

To negotiate on your terms you need to follow three simple steps.


How much value are you leaving on the table?

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Apply your new negotiation skills to improve your relationships and boost your bottom line

Establish long term partnerships

Create the relationship you want – on purpose. The negotiation sets the tone for your future relationship. The hierarchies and the trust you establish now will impact the entire length of your relationship. 

Land your dream clients

Every relationship starts with a good conversation. The negotiation process allows you to woe your dream counterparts by showing them how well you understand them and their hopes for the future. 

Get the best employees onboard

Use the negotiation process to educate both yourself and your prospective employees on what working together will be like. Investigate if you are truly a good match and understand the right way to compensate them for their work.

Get investors excited to work with you

The negotiation gives you a perfect opportunity to showcase the value you can bring to the table. It also allows you to be creative and inventive in your deal making to get the best value from your investors. All that is gold does not glitter.

Get the most out of your services agreements

Negotiations are not competitions. You don't want the same price. Service providers want something very different from what you want from your deal. Discover what that is and merge your desires into a mutually beneficial collaboration.

End relationships on good terms

Sometimes even good relationships have to come to an end. Use your new skills to terminate your partnerships and collaborations on mutually beneficial terms. Put a welcome farewell sign on the bridge instead of burning it.

On Your Terms is for you if:

  • You are woman in an executive position
  • You are involved in high impact negotiations
  • You are playing the long game
  • You value professional relationships
  • You want to increase the value of your deals
  • You want negotiations to flow as easily as conversations

Using Janet's methods I found a way to ask for and get what I need to deliver my services in the most effective way. I also got paid better than I have before!

– Helena Johansen

Roleplaying difficult negotiation scenarios helped me stay calm when I faced them in business later. Instead of panicking as usual I felt confident and in control.

– Elina Korhonen

Transform into a confident negotiator
with our support

We help women negotiate without having to be aggressive, dominant, or adversarial. Negotiating the traditional way often causes harm to or hinders a successful partnerships or relationships.

Negotiations are about relationships.
Negotiation is a conversation.
Negotiation is an investigation.
Learn to be strategic, not aggressive.


On Your Terms Benefits

Negotiation clinic

Twice a month at the clinic you'll get live feedback on your most pressing negotiation issues. Bring your headaches and leave with a solid strategy. If you can't make it live – presubmit your questions.

Masterclass on demand

Participate in live masterclasses that highlight negotiation strategies and methods you can implement straight away. Use what you learn to guide you through each new negotiation from the initial prep work all the way through to signing the deal.

Practice sessions

Join live practice sessions where you get paired with other participants and role play scenarios to become better equipped for real life negotiations. Practice makes perfect!

Tools and scripts

You get access to a library of tools and scripts that are designed to help you implement your new skills and evaluate your new negotiation strategies. The library is continuously expanded by request.


Negotiation Clinics

Live feedback and strategies

Twice per month you get access to the live negotiation clinic where we take a closer look at your real life negotiations and help you set up successful strategies to get what you really want.

If you can't make the live call, use our presubmit a questions option and we will add your situation to our queue for the next clinic.

In our clinic library you can find a catalogue of previous questions and answers from our live calls.

The Masterclass

By your side every step of the way

Use the masterclasses a field guide to setting up the right strategies in your live negotiations.

The masterclasses is based on our framework and moves you through the steps of contemplate, contain, and command to set you up for repeatable success.

Each masterclass consists of a live videos call, and tools and scripts that help you put your new strategies into practice.


Practice Sessions

Take your new skills for a ride

Our practice sessions are designed to help you work through scenarios you may encounter in the future.

This allows you to be one step ahead when you enter your negotiations. Make your mistakes in a safe environment and implement strategies to avoid making them when the stakes are real.


Tools and Scripts

Done for you negotiation tools and scripts

The tools and scripts are designed to help you convert your new knowledge and skills into action steps.

They include calculators, spreadsheets, checklists, swipe files, and so on.

Each tool is designed to be used over and over as you enter into new negotiations and collect the data you need to evaluate your new approach.

How it works

Easily transform into a confident negotiator


Get On Your Terms.
Give yourself full access to the negotiation knowledge, support, and tools you need.


Upgrade your knowledge.
Immerse yourself into the negotiation clinics for an instant perspective shift on how you approach negotiations.


In action support.
It takes time and effort to break a pattern and trust your new skills. The  practice sessions and the masterclasses will help you stay the course.

"For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance"

I first took a masterclass Janet created on negotiation almost 3 years ago. It was eye-opening. I’ve studied negotiation before from others, but they were all about “win-lose” dynamics and power plays. It felt icky and didn’t work for me. Through Janet’s material I was able to uncover my own personal negotiation style and how to be assertive without being aggressive. And, it really works!

Since then, I’ve turned to Janet so many times to talk through different negotiations as they were happening—from establishing a better terms with my legal team and small business partnerships to large contracts with corporations. For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance.

Her tips and insights are very practical, and clearly come from years of real-world experience and deep understanding of human behavior. It’s definitely not just theory or all talk. I’m so excited for the launch of On Your Terms because it’ll really be like having a secret weapon and a place to turn to help you create a truly win-win outcome in your negotiations.


Monisha Bajaj
Managing Director of Ruam Chuay Foundation and Strategy Execution Consultant

On Your Terms

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  • Full access to all tools and scripts
  • Recordings + transcripts of past Negotiation Clinics divided into smaller clips featuring each question

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