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Supporting founders and business development teams in negotiating mutually beneficial deals by focusing on relationships as the bottom line.

Increase the revenue, reach and recognition of your business – one relationship at a time

My mission is to bring trust back into business by helping you focus on relationships as the bottom line so that you and your team can build and negotiate win-win deals that are based on honesty and mutual support.

Monetize your intellectual property through mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships

I help founders go from being unclear about the potential of their businesses to having clarity on the what their intellectual property (IP) is and the value of it.

From not knowing how to monetize their intellectual property to creating containers for mutually beneficial collaborations.

From not knowing how to best initiate a negotiation to reaching a win-win agreement with a trustworthy partner, on your terms.

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People in power have been dictating the game of negotiation forever

Forever ends today

Stop trying to assert yourself, crush your opponent, and end up giving more than you get.

Aim for something better, something you value more: long term relationships, win-win deals, respected boundaries, and mutually beneficial agreements.

The old way of negotiating left the majority of people without leverage. 

Let's set you up with negotiation strategies that can be leveraged regardless of the power dynamics you and your team are up against.

Negotiate without playing power games and build reliable relationships

Negotiations are not meant to be adversarial interactions. You and tour counterpart have different goals. You're not competing. You do not want the same thing.

Aggression and dominance will not be helpful. What you need to do is figure out what you really want and what the other party wants and how those things can be meshed together in the best possible way.

Be curious, focused, and open minded.  Understand how you can make the relationship the best possible collaboration for both of you.

Negotiate successfully without stress

We have some how made negotiations into complicated and scary processes where we feel like we have to perform roles that don't fit us. 

The Collaboration Negotiation Method helps you and your team move away from that and focus on what really matters. Building successful and respectful business relationships while being the best versions of yourselves. 


Giving you and your team real seats at the table

I empower you and your team to grow your revenue, reach, and recognition through deals that are founded on dependable relationships and win-win value exchanges, while increasing your average deal value with at least 20% by using negotiation as a tool for relationship building.


Hello there!

Negotiation Advisor • Lawyer

My name is Janet Alexandersson (she/her) and I'm your friendly neighborhood negotiation expert. I specialize in helping founders and tams find a better ways to create valuable deals and mutually beneficial relationships.

I've been a lawyer for over 15 years and I've worked in nonprofits, in for profits, as well as owned my own law firm. I've seen negotiations from every angle and motivation.

I’ve turned to Janet so many times to talk through different negotiations as they were happening—from establishing better terms with small business partnerships to large contracts with corporations. For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance.

– Monisha B.

Get a negotiation strategy designed for your desired results

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Negotiation at its core is about establishing enough trust to come to an agreement. The trust is built upon:

  • Aligned interests
  • Mutual support
  • Fair value exchange

I will help you and your team plan for agreement conversations that naturally establishes you as a trustworthy partner while also allowing you to maximize the value of your deals.

I can help you expand you business through collaborations if:

  • You value professional relationships
  • You have a validate idea that is backed up by real results
  • The methods you use are innovative and unique to you
  • You have a mission that focuses on the long view
  • You are willing to start using negotiations as a tool for relationship building
  • You have the time and resources to prioritize the expansion of your business

Negotiation Advisory

Taking you from initial contact through signing the deal

Get ongoing support for you and your business development team through your negotiation cycles.

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