Time to negotiate the salary for your dream job?

Let's swap taking charge for planning, anxiety for boundaries – and confidence for being brave.

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Stop dreading your upcoming salary negotiation and start taking control of your career.

  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed
  • Being unsure of what to ask for
  • Scared they will turn you down

  • Feeling prepared and having a plan
  • Knowing how to frame your ask
  • Excited to get properly compensated

Negotiating your salary does not have to make you sweat →

Yes, salary negotiations can feel like they are filled with dread and pressure. Getting then new job or the promotion might feel like a high stakes event that impacts your livelihood, your future career, or even your health.

One of the reasons we find salary negotiations difficult is because we tend to sort of wing it. We listen to what peers say, google some salary numbers, and off we go.

What if you instead took a step by step approach to learning what you really need from this job, what your employer really values, and how to have a productive conversation that leads to a celebration worthy job offer.

If you do it right, not only will you be well compensated, you will establish healthy boundaries and start a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Planner is designed to help you do the proper research, understand what questions to ask, and set up a game plan for your upcoming negotiation.

What do I get?

The planner is centered around a series of videos where you will get guided and prompted through out the entire negotiation process. 

The videos are divided into 9 chapters as seen below. Each chapter comes with supporting documents such as workbooks, scrips, templates, and cheatsheets.

The purpose of the planner is to help you step into your negotiation with a game plan backed by information you have gathered, both about yourself and your future employer. You will also know what essential questions to ask, potential benefits to include, and red flags to look out for.


Who is this for?

The Planner is designed for someone like you who is negotiating a new job you really care about or want to re-negotiate your current job into something that is more sustainable and enjoyable for you.

How long does it take to plan?

It depends on how thorough you want to be and how much research you do.

The recordings are a total of 2.5 hours long. Most salary negotiations take at least a day to prepare and plan. 

What if I change my mind?

This Planner is a digital product that gives you instant access to all of the materials and templates as soon as you get access to the Planner, and as such is non-refundable.

Who created the planner?


The Planner is created by Janet Alexandersson, the Brave Negotiator herself.

Janet is a lawyer and negotiation consultant who has helped a wide range of professionals negotiate their salaries and benefits packages during the past decade.

Her negotiation philosophy is based on seeing the future relationship as the bottom line and using that as leverage to increase your compensation.

You can learn more about Janet here or by visiting her LinkedIn page.