Tools and Scripts

The tools and scripts are designed to help you stick to your new way of negotiating. They are there for you all from the beginnings of prep, through the deal, all the way to the follow up.

Context Checklist

Check off everything you need to prepare for your upcoming negotiation.

Motivations Checklist

Understand what the drivers behind the negotiation and the deal are.

Open Ended Questions

Scripts for how to formulate effective open ended questions.

Relationship Matrix

Choose what type of relationship you want with your counterparts.

Decision Maker Checklist

Find the decision maker using these simple to follow steps.

End Game Checklist

Decide and keep track of your different end games using this spreadsheet.

Process Checklist

Stay on top of the negotiation process with this proactive checklist.

Summarize Script

Use this script to summarize effectively during your negotiations.

Beyond Cash Checklist

Use the list to find creative asks that will increase your deal value.

Haggle Calculator

Use the calculator to get automatic price points for your negotiations.