Beyond Cash Checklist

Use the checklists below to find the best perks to ask for while working out the terms of your deal.

Keep in mind that most often the party offering perks will perceive these to be of a lower value than the financial compensation and therefore easy to include and the party getting the perks may see them as having higher value than the financial compensation and therefore accept less money in return for perks.


What assets does your counterpart have to offer you beyond money? Look into the three categories below.

Human Capital
This can include things like education, training, intelligence, skills, health, and more.

This can include access to spaces, clubs, networks, materials, resources, compensation schemes, decision makers, etc.

This can include a slower or faster timeline, milestones that favor your methods, and linking or not linking time spent to compensation earned.

What things would bring you value?


What responsibilities can your counterpart take on or offer that make them valuable to you? Look into the three categories below.

This can include independent decision making, being in the driver seat, access to influence and direct others involved and so on.

This can include assigning you responsibilities that feed into your expertise and assigning responsibilities that fall outside of your preferences to others.

This includes the role, title, and relationship status your desire to take on.

What responsibilities will allow you to perform your best?


What clout can your counterpart share with you in order to increase the value of your deal? Look into the three categories below.

This can include introductions to peers, mentors, media, academia, and so on.

This can include swaying other decision that they have influence over in your favor or helping you convince a third party of something.

This can include referrals, nominations, testimonials, case studies, and more.

What clout would you benefit the most from?