Decision Maker Checklist

You need to make sure that the relationship you are starting has the right people in it and that their squads approve of your relationship and the deal you are making.


There can be one or more gatekeepers that hold they key to getting a good deal and forming a successful relationship with your counterpart. 

Power to say yes
They have the power to sign off on your deal.

Power to be creative
They have the power offer and deliver on offer things outside of the script.

Power to incentivize
They have the power to tell the partners (below) what to do and when.

Make sure you are not dealing with a proxy unless you are prepared for an arranged marriage.


There can be one or more partners that hold they key the follow through of your deal and the success of your future relationship with the gatekeeper. 

They take part in planning the actions to be taken as a result of your deal.

They take part in executing the action phase of your deal.

They take part in evaluating the results of your deal.

Partners don't have power over if things are done, but the do have a say on how and when things are done. Don't underestimate that power.