Process Checklist

The process checklist shows you ways to command the negotiation process. Depending on the relationship hierarchy you may either want to take an of service approach or an in charge approach.


Before you have the first official negotiation meeting with your counterpart there are a few things you can do take command.

Invite the right people to be present at the negotiation. This includes the gatekeepers and partners that need to confirm the execution details of the deal.

Suggest times where every participant feels at their best possible. This will maximize the potential of everyone having a good attitude.

Invite all parties to a negotiation venue that does not  present any extra obstacles to the deal making.

Prepare everyone for a fruitful negotiation.


During the active part of the negotiation you can command the process in several helpful ways.

Open your meeting(s) by summarizing what the facts are so far and what you are there to achieve today.

Make sure to address allow everyone to voice and address concerns, passions, motivations, and goals. Make sure everyone gets heard.

At the end of the meeting confirm what has been said and agreed upon to make sure that everyone has heard and understood the same thing.

Facilitate the actual negotiation.


After you have reached an agreement during your negotiation it is time for you to take command of the enactment of your agreement.

Follow up
Take the initiative to follow up with an email after the meeting. Once again, summarize the key decision points and the next steps.

If there is a need to draft documents to move the process forward offer to be the one to draft. This allows you to make sure that the language needed is included.

Set up ways to evaluate the relationship and the deal going forward and share those and the evaluation results with your counterpart. 

You will best find the passions of your counterpart by doing fully understanding the context and  listening actively.