Summarize Scripts

Below you will find elements that you can include in your summary depending on where in your negotiations you and what is relevant to your deal.


Present a summary what has happened so far in your interaction. This should include how you first got in touch, what has been said so far and why you got in touch to begin with.

Open the meeting by saying that you would like to quickly summarize what has happened so far.

We connected with each other through __________ since we believed we could both benefit from a partnership. Since then we have been discussing the possibility of __________ with each other.


Follow up with stating what you are both hoping to achieve together. Speak in terms of we and us, not I or we.

We are hoping to form a __________ partnership/relationship/collaboration with the purpose of developing __________.

Limitations and resources

Summarize information about what you have already established regarding limitations of the deal and what resources each of your are willing to contribute.

Up until this point we have agreed to limit this collaboration to __________ and from our side we have promised to deliver __________ resources. You have stated that you are willing to contribute __________.


State the hopes you have expressed regarding the deal and this negotiation today. Flattering can be included here.

As we have said before our company is hoping to benefit from your __________ and the __________ you are been willing to share. You have stated that you are excited about __________ opportunity. We have both expressed excitement about learning from each other.


Mention any fears expressed previously in an objective way. Do not defend or sugar coat them. The purpose is to state them in a way that allows your counterpart to agree.

We have previously discussed the risk(s) that __________. These risks have the potential to impact our our collaboration/relationship in the following ways __________.


Bring out the elephants and present them. Address your own weak points and limitations that are evident to your counterpart.

Some of them have perhaps been mentioned before and some have probably not. This is not you airing your dirty laundry. It is simply you stating your faults before they can.

You have been kind enough not to mention that __________. We are going to have to compensate this somehow to make this deal work. We also lack the experience to __________. We are aware of these problems and will work with you to make sure they do not impact our collaboration.


Set up the meeting you are about to have by listing the action items on the agenda and how they relation to the pressure points you have previously listed.

The purpose of the meeting today is to examine how we can best work together and to find mutually beneficial terms for doing so. We especially are looking to find ways to achieve __________.

Finish off summarizing by asking if anything is missing from you summary and if there is anything someone would like to add.

This gives your counterpart the opportunity to agree with you and you have then established the playing field for the meeting.

If they disagree, get them to share what is missing or wrong and do not argue them on this. Simply take note as the point they are making is probably important to them.