Are you ready to expand your business?

Let's find a way to collaborate


What can a new collaboration do for you?

Mutually beneficial collaborations can help you increase your:

  • Revenue
  • Reach
  • Recognition

I will help you choose the right asset and the right format to build your collaboration around so that you can achieve your desired result.

Putting on my lawyer and negotiator cap I help you find intellectual property assets in your business that can form the foundation for a collaboration, build a bridge that makes the collaboration easy to execute, and finally empower you with the game plan you need to negotiate with confidence, on your terms.

Opportunity Evaluation

Revealing hidden assets

We start by exploring and understanding the intellectual property assets in your business.

We then evaluate which ones will best help you build a strong foundation for your future collaboration.

Bridge Building

Preparing for collaboration

Next we define the parameters of the collaboration and build a bridge that makes it easy for your future partner to connect with your business.

The collaboration is taking shape now, on your terms.

Agreement Conversation

Supporting your negotiation

We set you you up with a step by step action plan for your negotiation with your future collaborator.

It takes you from initial contact all the way through to final agreement with negotiation feedback sessions to support you along the twists and turns.

Thank you, thank you for all your support with my licensing collaboration. Without your input I would not even have gotten started or thought that I had anything to offer to a collaboration with such a large organization!

– Juliana S.

Collaboration Negotiation

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What is included?

Guidance through the entire process from collaboration ideation, through the agreement conversation, to signing the contract. 

  • Identifying Collaboration Opportunities
    Choosing the right collaboration format(s) for expanding your business and determining the most valuable forms of business relationships for you and your vision.
  • Building The Collaboration Bridge
    Determining the right collaboration partners and designing and optimizing an easy to accept offer.
  • Negotiating The Collaboration Agreement
    Creating and implementing a facilitation plan for reaching a collaboration agreement and laying the foundation a long term relationship.

What is the timeline?

Most collaborations can be finalized within 2-6 months. The timeline depends on what your starting point is. If you already have connections with potential collaborators it will be shorter than if you don't.

The program is divided into two phases, opportunity evaluation and bridge building, then agreement conversation. The first phase is structured and predictable. The second phase is flexible in order to give you timely support as you negotiate your new collaboration.